A place where I dump my novels episodically. For you. I guess.

I Brought The Fury - Ch.5 - Forever Numb

Lynette sat darkly in front of the fire, her face in shadow. For her entire story, she had sat tinkering with the entrails of her sword. Mauve tried to see her as the same child she had raised for years. Something was missing, though. Something had died and been replaced.

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I Brought The Fury - Ch.3 - The Devil of Aalstrom

The years had started passing for Mauve quite easily. Half of a century had gone by, and time seemed to move far more quickly than it should have. But that next year seemed to crawl like a crippled dog through Aalstrom’s muddy streets, right from the day Lynette had been buried.

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I Brought The Fury - Ch.2 - Crippled

Mauve didn’t need permission to take Lynette’s body - she was the only one who wanted it. She had to drag her back to the house, then go out a second time for her cane, another thing nobody wanted.

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I Brought The Fury - Ch.1 - Tiny Fire

The perpetual scowl that was Lynette’s face had long since been burned into Horace’s brain. Its dissatisfaction irked him, and its impatient air only hardened his resolve.

“No. Piss off.”

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I Brought The Fury - Prologue - Dead and Walking

Aalstrom was lonely. High walls festooned in ivy, bare of flags, stood dull even in moonlight. A wide but shallow, pitiful excuse for a river hushed it to sleep at night. Nestled in hills, surrounded by dark woodlands, separated, it stood, lonely and cold.

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